For Parents


Dear Parents,

This year will be one of transition for the Theatre Department as we have moved into our new room now called "The Performing Arts Studio".  Some things during this transition have stalled some of our plans but we do still wish to have a full and exciting season for our students.

As for Job Action,

The current climate for after school productions is in a state of flux.  I am moving forward with optimism that all of our shows will not be effected but I must also warn students that sometimes things are out of our control and there may be some disruption.

For example, the Drama Trip Club, which planned to go to New York has been shelved until next year.  It is a decision arrived at by all concerned parties and I thank everyone from Staff, Students and our Office staff for their help.  We look forward to getting this off the ground next year.

As for Marks, I am currently discovering what process marks will be given out this year.  I will let you know shortly.


Thanks, John Trottier


PS: Please see out PRODUCTION updates for dates and times and shows.


Please contact me for any questions: